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This 3D Printed Cast Can Heal Bones Up To 80% Faster

Aaron Jackson
Turkish student Deniz Karasahin recently won the Golden A’ Design Award for his cast called the Osteoid. The Osteoid incorporates 3D printing and ultrasonic technology to stimulate bone repair. The idea of using ultrasonic technology to help heal bones (and
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Building Earthen Dome Homes in 6 Weeks – DIY

Steve Areen’s Earthen Dome Home What if you could build a beautiful home that worked with nature, was built using nature, became one with it’s surroundings while still containing all of the basic amenities of any other home
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Supercritical Solar Breakthrough Sets A Clean Energy World Record

Aaron Jackson
CSIRO has used solar energy to generate hot pressurised “supercritical” steam, at the highest temperatures ever achieved in the world outside of fossil fuel sources. Supercritical steam is a breakthrough for solar energy, and means that

World’s First Glow In The Dark Road Comes To The Netherlands

Aaron Jackson
Recently, Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde and civil engineering firm Heijmans made headlines by installing the world’s first glow in the dark road in the Netherlands. The futuristic road is lined with paint that is treated with a photo-luminizing
Health Innovation

New Technology Makes Decayed Teeth Repair Themselves

Aaron Jackson
Dental researchers at Reminova Ltd, a spin-out company from King’s College London, have developed a technique that triggers the tooth’s natural repair process to reverse decay, and it could be available within 3 years. The technique
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This is the smartwatch we’ve been waiting for, but it doesn’t exist, yet

Aaron Jackson
The Moment Smartwatch is the work of Momentum Labs, and is a unique concept that is designed to give you access to a full keyboard, and many interactive settings. The new smartwatch looks more like a
Environment Innovation

UK To Build World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm

Aaron Jackson
The British government has approved the construction of what could become the world’s largest offshore wind farm. A 1,200-megawatt endeavor that is estimated to begin producing electricity by 2019. On June 17th, the U.K.’s Department
Environment Innovation

SolarCity Plans World’s Largest Solar Panel Plant in NY

Aaron Jackson
The world’s largest solar panel production plant is going to be built in Buffalo, NY, and will make enough solar panels to produce 1 gigawatt of power within 2 years. It will be constructed on

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