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Houses now for sale in Tesla Town project in Australia

If you want to live in a sustainable community this could be your best chance, if you can afford it.

The planned community by the Glenvill development company is powered by solar energy and every home comes standard with Tesla Powerwalls to store and dispense electricity when needed, giving the community the nickname of a “Tesla Town”.

60 homes are already built of a planned 2,500 in a suburban area 6.5km (5.3 miles) northeast of Melbourne. The homes will all be architecturally designed, and range in price from 1.48 to 2.1 million Australian dollars ($1.12 to $1.59 million U.S.) You can sign up now at Yarrabend.

Yarrabend will have the highest Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) rating from the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) and will “be one of the most environmentally sustainable developments in Australia,” said UDIA chief executive Danni Addison.


“Some areas that are a standout include water reduction of 43 percent, landfill reduced by 80 percent and the potential to reduce energy use by 34 percent,” Addison continued. ” The Powerwalls, combined with solar panels, will mean that future residents will be able to benefit in a variety of ways, including dramatically smaller power bills and knowing that the majority of their energy usage is coming from a clean and renewable source.”

Solar energy and home power storage systems so far are usually single homeowner installations. Possibly the first major development designed around sustainability that includes the use of solar power with home batteries, Yarrabend could serve as a model for later communities around the world.


The amenities in Yarrabend, some existing today and other planned, include extensive health and wellness facilities, curated food retailers within the development, designer boutiques, an arts and culture district for exhibits and workshops, and a complimentary technology concierge service to help with Wi-Fi, smart home connectivity, and entertainment systems.

The community will also feature gardens, playgrounds, bike paths, riverside trails by the Yarra River, rooftop terraces, and an elevated park and walking path called The Paper Trail. The community will also be in close proximity to rail transportation, a full range of schools and existing retail and commercial areas in the Melbourne suburbs.

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