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Mercedes-Benz takes on Tesla with its own home battery

Tesla has reported an extremely high demand for its Powerwall battery pack, so it isn’t surprising that competition is starting to show up.

That’s where Daimler comes in, the German conglomerate is planning to offer Mercedez-Benz branded lithium-ion battery packs starting this September in its home country through subsidiary Accumotive, and it’s taking registrations now.

Like the Tesla Powerwall, Mercedes’ battery packs are filled with cells originally designed with cars in mind, and they’re designed to even the load so that solar energy can be stored overnight. The company says that you can combine up to eight packs, 2.5 kWh each, for a total of 20 kWh, making it appropriate for both home and business use. The company will also be offering increased storage options in custom configurations for extremely large users, they list an example setup as having 1,190 kWh (1.19 MWh). Similarly, Tesla’s Powerwalls can be combined into “Powerpacks” that scale all the way up to 10 MWh or more.

The following ads for the battery packs are in German.

While there is no word on pricing yet, Tesla’s systems start at $3,500, so we can expect competitive pricing. But since the Mercedes battery doesn’t seem to scale up as well as Tesla’s, it will probably have to be priced cheaper to compete.

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