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Solar City to put new integrated solar roofs on 5 million US homes

Solar City with Elon Musk continues with their endeavor to provide our planet with cheap and sustainable energy. They plan to convert 5 million homes with regular roofs into solar powered ones.

The company has created solar panel roofing tiles, which have a traditional appearance, saving home-owners the inconvenience of installing large solar panels, and it is said to be cheaper, tougher, lighter and longer lasting than a traditional non-solar roof.

“So the basic proposition will be: Would you like a roof that looks better than a normal roof, lasts twice as long, costs less and—by the way—generates electricity?” Musk said. “Why would you get anything else?”

Users can monitor the energy consumption and maintain it by using a simple app on their smartphones. The system can be used to charge your appliances, cars, electric motorbikes and even provides power to the neighborhood. However, they have not revealed a time frame for the project or specific prices.

What the experts have to say!

Scott Franklin, the owner of Lumos Solar, a specialist in solar panel design and architecture, said “What the company is talking about is a paradigm shift, not just a small leap.” He also accepted that the cost that with be incurred during the process of roof replacement will probably be the only major problem.

“SolarCity is known for being a low-cost, fast installer. Now they’re talking about developing an entirely new product and becoming roofers? In terms of cost, they’re going from selling solar leases to telling somebody they have to replace an entire roof. That’s a dramatic cost difference.”

Elon Musk believes this is a common sense move. “If your roof is nearing end-of-life, you have to get a new roof anyway. So why not get a solar roof that is better in many other ways?”

While Musk makes a point with his statement, he also explained the value of the battery company going on to acquire a solar company to be like “peanut butter and jelly”

His play on words and simplicity of concepts blend with the assuring history of his companies to deliver what they promise, make this a move to watch out for!

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