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Thailand Plans To Build World’s Largest Floating Solar Farm

Luana Steffen
Solar power is a source of environmentally friendly power. The main downside is that solar farms take up a lot of space. For every 1 megawatt of power generated, it requires 13 Rai of land
Environment Nature

There’s An Orangutan Roaming The Cities Of UK In Search For A Home

Andrea D. Steffen
A life-size animatronic orangutan will appear in locations around London and across the UK, brought to you by Iceland Supermarkets. The monkey will make his grand appearance at a number of Iceland stores around the
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Indonesian Villagers Powered By Locally Sourced Sustainable Energy

Joseph Kennedy
Welcome to Flores, Indonesia, a picturesque island with just under two million inhabitants. Flores is conveniently both the 10th biggest and 10th most populous of the many Indonesian islands. It is bursting with wildlife and

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