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Invasive Weeds Turned Into Sustainable Furniture And Packaging Materials

Andrea D. Steffen
Soft rush is a type of weed which grows in tufts in wetland habitats like marshes, wet woodlands, ditches and grassland. The plant is extremely invasive, plentiful, and fast growing. Soft rush is widely recognized
Innovation Science

Scientists Develop New Fabric That Automatically Cools Or Insulates

Andrea D. Steffen
The days of having to take your sweater on and off might be over very soon. Sure, there may have already been the occasional promise of high-tech thermal regulating gloves and hats here and there,

Study Proves Exercise Has A Beneficial Effect On Gut Bacteria Composition

Andrea D. Steffen
A person’s microbiome is the diverse population of microbes (bacteria) that live in their gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Any disruption to the normal, healthful balance of bacteria in the microbiome can cause the immune system to

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