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Norway Is The First Country To Ban Palm Oil Based Biofuel

Andrea D. Steffen
Norway is the first country to enforce a ban on palm oil-based biofuel. The nation’s parliament announced last week that it will no longer be permitted in Norway. The move aims to thwart the destruction
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Satellite footage: Indonesia Tsunami turns ground to liquid

Andrea D. Steffen
The tsunami that struck Sulawesi Island Indonesia caused by an earthquake late September has brought into being an ongoing slow-motion natural disaster. Hundreds of thousands of people have been affected. The floodwater from the tsunami
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Indonesian Villagers Powered By Locally Sourced Sustainable Energy

Joseph Kennedy
Welcome to Flores, Indonesia, a picturesque island with just under two million inhabitants. Flores is conveniently both the 10th biggest and 10th most populous of the many Indonesian islands. It is bursting with wildlife and

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