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Invasive Weeds Turned Into Sustainable Furniture And Packaging Materials

Andrea D. Steffen
Soft rush is a type of weed which grows in tufts in wetland habitats like marshes, wet woodlands, ditches and grassland. The plant is extremely invasive, plentiful, and fast growing. Soft rush is widely recognized
Environment Science Sustainability

Scientists Develop Recycling Solution That Turns Waste Glass Into Toothpaste, Fertilizer, And More

Andrea D. Steffen
Glass is not biodegradable at all and it takes hundreds of years to disintegrate. When a glass bottle is thrown away, it will be around for thousands of years. If it is recycled, the process
Environment Sustainability

EU Bans Single-Use Plastic by 2021

Andrea D. Steffen
Last year, Nearly 200 countries signed a U.N. resolution to eliminate plastic pollution in the sea. As part of this agreement, all the involved countries (members of the U.N.) accept the task of monitoring the
Environment Innovation Sustainability

Shoes Made Out Of Plastic Bottles To Rid The Oceans Of Plastic

Andrea D. Steffen
Everybody knows that plastic is a major contributor to the planet’s pollution problems. It is also common knowledge that for every problem there is a solution. In the case of pollution caused by plastic waste,

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