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Scientists Develop Recycling Solution That Turns Waste Glass Into Toothpaste, Fertilizer, And More

Andrea D. Steffen
Glass is not biodegradable at all and it takes hundreds of years to disintegrate. When a glass bottle is thrown away, it will be around for thousands of years. If it is recycled, the process
Environment Sustainability Technology

Ducati CEO Confirms “The Future Is Electric” Responding to Growing Demand

Andrea D. Steffen
Due to the effects of climate change becoming increasingly apparent around the world, there is a pressing need to transition away from burning fossil fuels and towards more environmentally-friendly vehicles. Because of this, the market
Environment Sustainability

Puerto Rico Converting To 100% Renewable Energy

Andrea D. Steffen
Something good came out of Hurricane Maria striking Puerto Rico. It inspired the government to take action about converting to renewable energy. Even before the storm, there was debate about switching to renewables since the
Innovation Sustainability Technology

Nigerian College Student Builds a $6000 Wind and Solar Powered Car

Aaron Jackson
Segun Oyeyiola started with a Volkswagen Beetle and converted it into a fully renewable off-road vehicle. 8,000 miles away from Tesla’s Palo Alto headquarters, Segun Oyeyiola has managed to make a renewable car of his

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