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A Pair Of Proteins Give Mice The Ability To Regenerate Toes Like Lizards Do

Andrea D. Steffen
It is an extremely rare ability for an animal to be able to regrow a lost limb because joints are very complex structures. The reality is, lucky animals such as lizards and salamanders can regrow
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First Human-Chicken hybrid created by scientists, this is why

Aaron Jackson
Scientists have created a human-chicken hybrid in a lab by transplanting human embryonic cells onto chicken embryos. The researchers at the Rockefeller University in New York City have created the hybrid to give insight into
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Scientists inject human cells into pig embryo to create human-pig hybrid

Aaron Jackson
Scientists injected slightly developed stem cells into a pig embryo in hopes of creating a human-pig hybrid, a chimera. Every 10 minutes another person is added to the national waiting list for organ transplants in

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