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Paradis sparkling apple

Would you eat this sparkling apple that fizzes like soda?

A new apple has been created that feels like a fizzy soda pop in your mouth when you bite into it. The apple is called the Apple Paradis® Sparkling®. It is the first apple in the world to fizz when bitten into.

The official website for Lubera describes the apples: “An apple is an apple. But not in this case. Our new breeding Paradis Sparkling® is different. So different, just as the name describes: Sparkling® explodes in your mouth. When the large cells release their juice, it feels as if CO2 is brought into play. To stay with the analogy: Paradis Sparkling® is the first apple that is not ‘still’, but ‘sparkling’!”

Robert Maierhofer, production manager at Lubera, said: “For an eating apple I think it is the best apple we have ever had. It is definitely different to any other on the market and the texture is something that people have ever eaten before. It has a soft texture but a heavy crunch and very big cells that open up in the mouth, releasing a lot of acidity and sugar that gives you a feeling of having a fizzy drink The juice itself is not sparkling if you press it, it is still. It is just the feeling you get in your mouth.”

The apple’s juice remains still, however, we can see the fizzing in water.

Paradis sparkling apple

Contrary to other reports on the apple, it has not been genetically modified but was made by cross-breeding between the Resi, an East German apple known for its sweet texture, and the English Pirouette apple, which is famous for its crunch. The apple initially stood out because of its ugly appearance. Over time, however, the appearance of the apples has improved.

According to the Lubera website, the trees are available in the UK for £21.40 with free shipping. The trees are also available across Europe and may be available in USA and Canada in the future.

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