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The American Cancer Society And Lyft Give Free Rides To Cancer Patients

The American Cancer Society (ACS) has teamed up with Lyft to provide free rides for those battling cancer. It is part of the society’s Road To Recovery program. The rides are available to and from treatments and are free of charge, courtesy of ACS.

According to CBSNews Philadelphia, “Lyft says patients in Philadelphia and New Jersey can now contact the American Cancer Society for free rides to cancer treatments. ACS will be able to use Lyft’s Concierge tool to request those rides as part of the American Cancer Society’s Road To Recovery program.”

The Lyft ride sharing app is seen on a mobile phone on February 12, 2018. Lyft is the main competitor to the dominant Uber. (Photo by Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Miami Herald said, “Lyft will serve as the official ride-share partner for the American Cancer Society in Miami, providing free rides to and from doctor’s appointments for those receiving cancer treatments.”

And the program is also available in other major cities like Las Vegas, Miami, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles and St. Louis. For people with cancer who do not have a ride or are unable to drive themselves, this is a life saver. Furthermore, cancer patients don’t have to feel stressed about how they’ll get to their appointments. They can just relax and focus on getting better.

“Lack of transportation remains one of the biggest roadblocks to receiving high-quality cancer care,” a spokesperson for ACS told the Cincinnati Enquirer.

There are thousands of cancer patients needing a ride to treatment daily. Not all of them have a way to make it though. If you qualify to volunteer you should do so; be an asset to your community. By just donate some of your spare time you could make a difference in someone’s life and possibly even their chances of survival.

Anyone with a registered vehicle and time can sign up to volunteer as a driver for Road To Recovery on the ACS website. This is separate from Lyft. For the times when Lyft cannot help, maybe because the service does not reach the locality where a person is in need of a ride, then a Road To Recovery volunteer can step in.

“The best treatment in the world can’t help someone if they can’t access it,” said Megan Wessel, a vice president at ACS, when the initial project was launched last fall. “Access to care is a big problem in our country, therefore transportation programs and partnerships are vital for these patients to get the treatments they need and deserve.”

For patients seeking a free ride: they can coordinate with the American Cancer Society by calling 800-227-2345 or by visiting It is important to note that it can take several business days to arrange the ride so it is advised to contact ACS well in advance of the appointment date.

For passengers of Lyft: The ride-hailing service has added ACS to its in-app feature called Round-Up & Donate. This feature allows passengers across the country to round up their fare to the nearest dollar and have that difference donated to the American Cancer Society.

Lyft has a Round Up and Donate feature which rounds up to the nearest dollar and donates the difference to the American Cancer Society

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