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Nanoparticles with the Push of a Button With Spark Ablation

Alike van Hurt is the CEO and co-founder of VSPARTICLE, a company that plans

Artificial Intelligence Can Read Your Personality Traits Through Your Eyes

A person’s personality is what sets them apart from everyone else. It is a

Mind-controlled Mouse Enables People With Paralysis To Use Tablet

To be a functional member of society, being able to communicate is very important.

Shoes Made Out Of Plastic Bottles To Rid The Oceans Of Plastic

Everybody knows that plastic is a major contributor to the planet’s pollution problems. It

You Can Now Order Your Own Hoverbike, No Pilots License Required

Everybody dreams of being able to fly. The freedom to personally do so is

Bionic Mushrooms: A New Sustainable Energy Source

There is a growing importance in the need to find economically viable alternative energy

Bio-compatible Extra Strong Material Make Broken Fillings A Thing Of The Past

A new bio-compatible material has been developed that improves upon acrylic-based fillings which are

Glow-In-The-Dark Paper Test Rapidly Detects Infectious Diseases

Disease detection just became so easy that anyone could do it… with glow in

3D Printing Titanium Strength Aluminum Is Coming

The traditional way of manufacturing bulk products made of metal is by molding. The

The Halo Project: Fully Electric Autonomous 4×4 Off-roader

Autonomous vehicles are not a novelty, but off-road ones are. Up until now, the