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Jumpstart: The Easy Way To Support Clean Energy Projects

If the global temperature continues to rise the world will be a complete disaster.

Watch A Swarm of Nanobots Swim Through Eye To Deliver Medicine

The human eyeballs encompass substances that are difficult to penetrate. These obstacles make successful

Engineers Create Device That Measures Vital Signs With Radio Waves

Monitoring a person’s vital signs (heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rates, and breath effort)

Biologists Engineer An Eavesdropping Virus Into A Bacterial Assassin

“When bacteria talk, Bonnie Bassler listens. She just never figured that viruses were listening,

O-Wind Turbine: A Way For Anyone To Harness Wind Energy From Any Direction

For sustainable energy to really become the norm, it has to become more convenient

CPR Training Kiosks Are Teaching Thousands To Save Lives For Free

The American Heart Association (AHA) is the world’s leading voluntary health organization dedicated to

Aleph Farms Presents The Worlds First Lab-grown Steak

Aleph Farms, an Israeli startup, has proudly announced their success in growing a steak

MIT Scientists Work Out How To Shrink Objects 1,000 Times Smaller

A few years ago scientists came up with a technique known as expansion microscopy.

Denmark Has An Initiative To Put Environmental Impact On Food And Product Labels

Denmark is ranked one of the top 20 countries in the World Climate Change

View Footage From The Worlds First Full-body Scanner – The Future Of Medical Imaging

The world’s first ever full-body medical scanner will make its public debut in Sacramento