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Nanoparticles with the Push of a Button With Spark Ablation

Alike van Hurt is the CEO and co-founder of VSPARTICLE, a company that plans

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“We believe that wider adoption of alternative-fuel, electric and hybrid electric vehicles will play

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To be a functional member of society, being able to communicate is very important.

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The traditional way of manufacturing bulk products made of metal is by molding. The

The Halo Project: Fully Electric Autonomous 4×4 Off-roader

Autonomous vehicles are not a novelty, but off-road ones are. Up until now, the

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FlexPai is the next biggest trend in smartphone and tablet design and technology. This

3D Printed Cement That Strengthens When It Cracks

Of all the man-made materials on Earth, concrete prevails. It is responsible for a

Panasonic Wear Space: Human Blinders for Concentration

A device has been designed by Panasonic (in partnership with Kunihiko Morinaga, creator of