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Antibiotics that kill gut bacteria also stop new brain cells growing

Antibiotics used to kill gut bacteria also hinder the growth of new brain cells

Aquatic Inventions That Could Save Your Life

It is grimly estimated that 372,000 people each year meet their end through drowning.

Cochlea Gene Therapy for Hearing and Balance disorders

A group of researchers have designed a synthetic vector that enables safe and efficient

Drug trial: No trace of disease left for terminally ill cancer patient

A patient with lung cancer who was given 12-18 months to live has no

Paralyzed man regains sense of touch through a mind-controlled robotic arm

A man who was paralyzed from the chest downwards is the first person to

Female Scientist Develops Best Condom Ever

Condoms are already cheap and effective, however, they’re still far from perfect. Some are

Skin-cell spray gun drastically cuts healing time for burns

A technique that sprays a burn patient’s own cells on the burn to help regenerate

India to plant 2 BILLION trees along highways, creating up to 300,000 jobs for youths

India’s Rural Development Ministry has decided to tackle two problems at the same time:

Skarp Laser Razor raises over $3 million in first 2 weeks

If you’ve ever wanted to cross your razor with a laser for the perfect

New device immediately targets and destroys deadly blood clots

Australian researchers have developed a nano-sized capsule that can be delivered to a patient