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Aaron Jackson

The Intelligent Living website was registered in late 2013 with the aim of shifting focus from negative problem-based news to more positive solution-based news.

We publish stories about global issues such as global warming, air pollution, health, and waste, but with more focus on solutions such as planting trees, carbon capture technology, renewable energy, air filtration systems, medical breakthroughs and studies, recycling facilities and new types of materials.

The website is owned and managed by Intelligent Living Media Ltd.

Funding comes from advertising revenue provided by reputable online advertising agencies such as Google, and Viralize. Content hosted on Facebook through Instant Articles generates revenue from Facebook ads.

While we would prefer to operate without ads, it is necessary to keep the website running. Unlike a paid subscription model, we ask for no money from people to be able to access our content, this allows us to keep the content free for everyone to see.

It’s important to keep the information accessible to everyone, for free, so that the information about solutions to global issues can be known and shared to create a better world for everyone and for nature.

We aim to only report true information from reputable sources such as published studies in journals, university reports, company press releases, and other reputable news sources. Sources are hyperlinked within the relevant articles and are clearly mentioned when deemed necessary.

However, if errors are found, we will correct them with a correction notice clearly showing the incorrect and correct information. Updates may also be added to articles when new information becomes available about the topic, an update notice will also be added to the beginning or the end of the article, depending on the importance of the update. Minor corrections such as grammatical and spelling errors will be corrected without notice.

If you spot any mistakes on our website, factual or otherwise, people contact us to let us know by clicking here. You can also contact us through our Facebook page.

We respect the privacy of our readers and for that reason, no identifiable information is stored about them. However, we use analytics tools including Google Analytics and statistical information on Facebook to track the popularity of our content.

If you make a comment on a website post, it may be publicly visible.

You can read our privacy policy by clicking here.