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FedEx Expands Their Delivery Fleet With 1,000 New Electric Vans

“We believe that wider adoption of alternative-fuel, electric and hybrid electric vehicles will play

Shoes Made Out Of Plastic Bottles To Rid The Oceans Of Plastic

Everybody knows that plastic is a major contributor to the planet’s pollution problems. It

Puerto Rico Converting To 100% Renewable Energy

Something good came out of Hurricane Maria striking Puerto Rico. It inspired the government

New Reusable Wooden Sponge That Soaks Up Oil From Water

Researchers create a reusable sponge made of wood that selectively absorbs oil. When crude

Satellite footage: Indonesia Tsunami turns ground to liquid

The tsunami that struck Sulawesi Island Indonesia caused by an earthquake late September has

1st year income from Tesla ‘world’s largest’ battery equals 3rd of its cost

There are a lot of known ways to generate electricity, such as solar, wind,

There’s A New App That Makes It Fun To Pick Up Litter

Litter is a problem in every town, every city, and in the countryside. In

Who would have thought that a pack of wolves could change rivers and the ecosystem?

This is what happened in Yellowstone National Park in 1995. The wolves were extinct

Startup Uses Particle Acceleration to Make Solar Panels Cheaper

A US startup backed by Bill Nye has promised to make solar panels 60%

Introducing Zealandia – The newest continent on Earth

  Zealandia, a new found continent submerged in the south-west Pacific – is a