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Nanoparticle Coating Prevents Glass From Fogging Up By Using Only Light

Andrea D. Steffen
Goggles and windshields are very important safety items that must remain perfectly clear for good visibility. If they fog up, then they are no longer safe and become a danger rather than a protection. Unfortunately,
Environment Science Sustainability

Scientists Develop Recycling Solution That Turns Waste Glass Into Toothpaste, Fertilizer, And More

Andrea D. Steffen
Glass is not biodegradable at all and it takes hundreds of years to disintegrate. When a glass bottle is thrown away, it will be around for thousands of years. If it is recycled, the process

Sci-Fi Reality: 12 Futuristic Screen Displays

The creation of screened images can be traced back to the late 19th century with major innovations making the invention of television global in the early 20th century. Today screens are everywhere, modern society uses

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