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Baking Soda Filled Microcapsules Capture CO2 Emissions Effectively

Andrea D. Steffen
Coal and natural gas are still a major staple in the world’s energy supply. These elements release CO2 into the atmosphere. It is an ongoing battle to find a way to reverse this effect through
Environment Nature

Norway Is The First Country To Ban Palm Oil Based Biofuel

Andrea D. Steffen
Norway is the first country to enforce a ban on palm oil-based biofuel. The nation’s parliament announced last week that it will no longer be permitted in Norway. The move aims to thwart the destruction
Environment Sustainability

These Companies Are Converting CO2 Emissions Into Something Useful

Andrea D. Steffen
Direct Air Capture technology is set to be the next big thing in green technology. At the moment it is a small industry but it is growing. Large-scale carbon management has the potential to greatly

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