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Street Stores That Gives Free Clothes To The Homeless Popping Up Worldwide

Andrea D. Steffen
A couple of minds came together and thought up a dignified and humane way to connect the people who have too much with the people who have nothing – The Street Store, a charity that

Free Vending Machines For Homeless Are Going Up Around The World

Andrea D. Steffen
Homelessness is not something that is caused suddenly by one single incident. It is the result of a build-up of unresolved problems over time. Whatever the reasons may be doesn’t matter in the end. What
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Shelters to Shutters Gives Homes and Jobs To The Homeless

Andrea D. Steffen
Shelters to Shutters is the perfect example of how a simple idea can change lives. How a single person seeing a problem and joining together with others can become a resolution for many. It is

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