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Morphing Aerial Drones Are The Future Of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Andrea D. Steffen
Drones, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), have risen in popularity in recent years thanks to their usefulness. They have come in handy for things such as bridge inspections and construction surveys, to agricultural monitoring and real-estate
Innovation Nature Technology

Scientists 3D print biohybrid animal with rat heart cells, gold and rubber

Aaron Jackson
Scientists genetically engineered and 3D printed a biohybrid using rat heart cells, gold and rubber, opening the door to lifelike robots, artificial intelligence, and cyborgs. The biohybrid could be mistaken for a baby ray. The
Innovation Technology

Robots to 3D print steel bridge in Amsterdam

Aaron Jackson
A new bridge is being planned in Amsterdam which will be constructed by robots that utilize 3D printing technology. Dutch 3D printing R&D startup MX3D has invented a 3D printing technique whereby multi-axis industrial robots are

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