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Oxford University Scientists Develop Genetically Modified Virus That Destroys Cancer And Its “Helper” Cells

Andrea D. Steffen
Cancer tricks your body’s healthy cells, known as fibroblasts, into protecting it from your own immune system. This new genetically modified virus (called enadenotucirev) attacks both the tumors, and these fibroblasts that have been turned
Innovation Nature Sustainability

Bionic Mushrooms: A New Sustainable Energy Source

Andrea D. Steffen
There is a growing importance in the need to find economically viable alternative energy sources to fossil fuels. Biofuel derived from biomass (which is any organic material coming from any form of life or its
Health Innovation Nature

Scientists inject human stem cells into sheep embryo to create human-sheep hybrid for organ harvesting

Aaron Jackson
Scientists have fine-tuned the technique to grow human organs within animals, this time using sheep instead of pigs. Following the work with pigs last year that resulted in pigs with 0.001% human cells. This year

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