Morphoz concept vehicle from Renault Groupe
Image: Renault
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Renault Looks to Shape-Shift Forward with the Morphoz Concept

The year is 2020, but with Renault’s latest concept all-electric vehicle (EV) the Morphoz EV, they welcome us to 2025. The shape-shifting Morphoz extends 8in (20 cm) to accommodate extra battery capacity, switching from city version to long-distance travel.

Equipped with a 40 kWh battery for city driving modes, Renault envisions special charging stations where people can “extend” the vehicle and the battery. The Morphoz pulls up onto a CMF-EV platform and within seconds is equipped with an additional 50 kWh battery pack extender. This will allow for 434 miles (7oo km) of highway range. The driver can return the batteries to the charging station when the trip is complete.

Renault Morphoz
Image: Renault

The CMF-EV platform is part of a Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance and it stands for “Common Module Family for Electric Vehicles”. Anticipating that EVs will shape the future of driving Nissan and Renault worked together with French and Japanese engineers to develop a modular platform with interchangeable battery packs for both sedans and SUVs. The Morphoz showcases this technology and also incorporates a vehicle to grid (V2G) technology.

Renault Groupe Engineering Director of Electric Vehicle Projects Jean-Paul Drai commented on the CMF-EV:

Thanks to its technological innovations and the potential offered by its modularity, the CMF-EV will become the benchmark platform for several of the next electric vehicles from the Groupe Renault and the Alliance.

The rear suicide doors make for a nice touch as the front and back doors both open with just the wave of your hand. Once inside the cabin, it’s possible to reconfigure the seats and even turn the passenger seat around to face the back. Speaking of seats they are made from recycled materials. The steering wheel retracts and opens up a “living screen” instrument panel that displays the vehicle’s infotainment system.

The Morphoz supports level 3 autonomous driving, offering driver-assisted technology. This enables the driver to release the steering wheel and the car can take control.

Laurens van den Acker, EVP, of Corporate Design for Groupe Renault summed up the innovative thinking behind the Morphoz:

Bold in its modularity, innovative in its design, human-centric through its ability to facilitate sharing and exchange, the Morphoz concept perfectly embodies the new LIVINGTECHTM philosophy of Renault’s Design. Technology in all its forms – design, on-board intelligence, connectivity, interior layout – serves a new travel experience for all vehicle users. From the every day to the weekend and holiday experience. The Morphoz concept is a truly living experience.

Renault Morphoz rear view
Image: Renault

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