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Health Innovation Technology

Patient Successfully Receives First Ever 3D-Printed Rib Implant

Andrea D. Steffen
Cardiac surgeons at the Tokuda Hospital in Sofia, Bulgaria performed an innovative surgery – they implanted a rib in the human body that was made on a 3DGence 3D printer. This type of surgery is
Health Innovation

Watch A Swarm of Nanobots Swim Through Eye To Deliver Medicine

Andrea D. Steffen
The human eyeballs encompass substances that are difficult to penetrate. These obstacles make successful ocular drug delivery challenging. The current method of topical administration to treat diseases in the anterior of the eye works, but
Innovation Technology

3D Printing Titanium Strength Aluminum Is Coming

Andrea D. Steffen
The traditional way of manufacturing bulk products made of metal is by molding. The new metallurgical method is soon to be 3D printing. It is the way of the future and it is accompanied by

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