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5 Reasons Why Drug Testing Supports Healthy and Sustainable Workplace

As a small business owner, you know that when employees are healthy, they perform better and become more productive. Many employers may not be aware of the connection between health and workplace productivity. Health includes many aspects such as nutrition, physical activity, mental well-being, stress management, and substance abuse.

In 2020, Versta Research, on behalf of The Standard, conducted the 2020 Behavioural Health Impact Update. Research findings reveal some shocking stats, where 49% of surveyed U.S. Workers accepted their struggle with some forms of drugs. These workers also reported reduced productivity due to their addiction, forcing employers to incorporate strict drug testing policies at the workplace.

With the growing number of drug abuse in the workplace across the U.S., the government and private companies are ensuring their employees stay healthy by conducting regular drug testing. If your business is based out of Wilson, North Carolina, you must consider a professional drug screening in Wilson, NC, for your organization.

Boosts Productivity

Drug testing can help employers to improve productivity by removing the negative impact of drugs on the workplace. For example, drug testing helps employers to decrease employee absenteeism and increase productivity by ensuring that employees are free from the effects of drugs.

The fact is that many workers are under the influence of drugs or alcohol when they report for work, which leads to reduced productivity and unhappy customers.

In addition to improving overall worker productivity, drug testing also increases employee morale because it helps create a positive working environment where all employees are treated equally regardless of their lifestyle choices outside of work.

Motivates Employees to Be Healthier

Drug testing can help motivate employees to be healthier. If you’ve ever seen a drug test, it’s pretty easy to spot the people who are struggling with substance abuse. Employers can use this information as a way to encourage their employees to take better care of themselves and the company’s bottom line.

Employers can use drug testing to reward employees for healthy behaviors. In the same way, employers use health insurance premiums as an incentive for their employees’ wellness. They could also implement rewards programs that reward those who pass their drug test one month and then offer incentives such as vacations or bonus pay if they continue passing their tests after that period.

Employers can use drug testing in conjunction with other policies like attendance policy or behavior policy because these policies will help ensure that only those who are both productive members of society and physically able will get ahead in life – something everyone deserves.

Decreases Absenteeism or Tardiness

Employers can use drug testing to identify employees who are struggling with addiction and not showing up for work. Drug testing can also identify employees who are using drugs but are still showing up for work. While these workers aren’t necessarily high on the job, they may be impaired to some extent and present a safety risk to themselves and others around them.

Drug testing is also an effective strategy for identifying employees who have not been honest about their drug use during screening interviews or other types of pre-employment assessments.

In addition to being dishonest about their own lifestyle choices, these individuals may be less likely than others to maintain clear boundaries at work, making them more likely candidates for workplace conflicts and performance issues down the road.

Promotes a Workplace Culture of Honesty and Respect

Drug testing helps promote a workplace culture of honesty and respect. Drug testing helps create a culture of trust: an employee will have no reason to lie about the test results because they’ll know that their employer is serious about making sure everyone is healthy and safe on the job.

Drug testing also promotes a culture of respect. When an employer makes it clear that he or she values employees’ health and safety by having them take drug tests, it encourages employees to be respectful toward each other at all times in order to keep up appearances (and avoid getting fired).

Finally, drug testing creates a culture of honesty: when employers are willing to make sure their workers are taking care of themselves, it’s easier for both parties to communicate honestly with one another when something happens on the job or elsewhere in life that affects work performance or attitude.

Serves as a Deterrent for Drug Use at Work

Drug testing can discourage drug use at work. Drug testing helps ensure that workers are not impaired by alcohol or drugs on the job and encourages them to report any concerns they may have regarding this issue. In fact, people who undergo random drug tests are less likely than those who do not use drugs while at work.

Drug testing is also a deterrent to drug use while on call. This can be especially important for workers who are required to work long hours or be available at all times during their shifts (for example, emergency responders).

Drug testing helps ensure that these individuals are fit for duty when responding to emergencies and other crises where clear thinking and decision-making skills may be critical for success in achieving their objectives and protecting themselves from harm.

Summing Up:

Drug testing doesn’t need to be a controversial issue. In fact, drug testing in the workplace is one of the best things you can do for your employees and your business.

A drug-free workplace says a lot about your company culture and what you value as an employer. It promotes health and well-being, which in turn boosts employee productivity and morale.

And finally, it keeps everyone safe by preventing accidents caused by impaired workers. Businesses that implement this type of program are investing in their own future and that of their workforce—and there’s nothing more valuable than that.

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