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Ducati CEO Confirms “The Future Is Electric” Responding to Growing Demand

Due to the effects of climate change becoming increasingly apparent around the world, there is a pressing need to transition away from burning fossil fuels and towards more environmentally-friendly vehicles. Because of this, the market for electric vehicles of all kinds will only continue to grow.

Motorcycle companies understand that this means they’d better position themselves to be ready for this growth by expanding their product lines for the future. They recognize what the reality is – all vehicles, not only cars, will eventually have to be electric. Ducati, Harley Davidson, and other big names are in the midst of creating electric motorcycle models if they haven’t already.

Now, word has gotten out that Ducati could be the next to roll out an electric motorcycle. The company’s CEO has recently confirmed Ducati’s commitment to developing a production electric motorcycle. It is true that they currently do not have any production of electric motorcycles to their name, although the famed Italian motorcycle manufacturer is no stranger to EVs. Ducati even recently worked with the Milan Polytechnic School of Design to develop an electric Ducati concept, the Ducati Zero.

“The company’s CEO Claudio Domenicali was even spotted riding an electric conversion Ducati Hypermotard that had been gifted a Zero FX powertrain.” (Image: Ducati Hypermotard with Zero FX conversion by Tony Kalniev)

The Managing Director of Ducati Western Europe Edouard Lotthé revealed back in 2017 that Ducati had plans for both an electric motorcycle and scooter. However, he also admitted that the earliest anyone would see a model would be in 2021.

As this declaration left people wondering, Domenicali confirmed Ducati’s intentions of going electric in a recent speech. If there had been any doubt about Ducati’s intentions, they have been cleared out when the Ducati CEO told the crowd at a Motostudent event in Spain that:

“The future is electric, we’re not far from starting series production.”

Many famous major motorcycle manufacturers around the world are ready to produce vehicles that the world desperately needs, while still giving motorcycle enthusiasts what they want. Companies like Ducati will be at the forefront, showing vehicle makers and everyone that it is possible to survive in a rapidly changing world without having to sacrifice what made their companies great in the first place.

As you can see, there are many motorcycle brands out there producing electric two-wheeled vehicles already. Ducati is certainly not entering a wide open market. But one thing is for sure, with their brand legacy and famed design team, Ducati may be able to offer an electric motorcycle, unlike anything we’ve seen so far.

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