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This luxurious tiny home is off-grid and rent-free

Dutch design agency Walden Studio teamed up with carpenter Dimka Wentzel to design a tiny home that offers both small-scale luxury and the freedom of the open road.

The house is made from bio-based materials, is completely self-sufficient and equipped with energy-saving and energy-generating systems for 100% off-grid living.

Created for client Marjolein Jonker, Walden Studio’s tiny house is the first to be legally placed with a temporary permit by a municipality in the Netherlands.

Despite its small 17 square meter footprint, the house creates the illusion of spaciousness with an open-plan layout and large glazed windows, two of which form the front door and blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living.

Tiny House by Walden Studio

Natural daylight spills into the home and reflects off the white walls, cork floors, and birch plywood panelling.

The multifunctional seating area is the largest area in the home. It contains a transforming piece of furniture that changes from a couch with hidden storage space to a dining table that can seat four.

Tiny House by Walden Studio

The kitchen, desk and stairs with storage are located in the centre, while the bathroom with a composting toilet and shower are tucked away in the rear.

The bedroom and closet are on the loft level and can give a great view of the night sky.

Tiny House by Walden Studio

If you’re interested in getting a tiny home for yourself, you can contact the designer via their website:

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