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A Bermed Home Is Extremely Energy Efficient And They Don’t All Look Like A Hobbit House

Andrea D. Steffen
Earth-sheltered homes are popular among eco-friendly homeowners but they should be popular among everyone. They are storm-proof, earthquake and fire-resistant, plus extremely energy-efficient, soundproof, less susceptible than typical houses to extreme temperatures, and require less
Housing Lifestyle

Shelters to Shutters Gives Homes and Jobs To The Homeless

Andrea D. Steffen
Shelters to Shutters is the perfect example of how a simple idea can change lives. How a single person seeing a problem and joining together with others can become a resolution for many. It is
Housing Lifestyle

Living Large In A Tiny Home – 5 Different Ways To Do It

Andrea D. Steffen
Homelessness is not the only issue of today’s housing crisis; affordability is a major problem as well. On average, a tiny house is less than 300 square feet, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it lacks
Housing Lifestyle

Artist Secretly Installs Peaceful And Private Studio Under Bridge In Spain

Andrea D. Steffen
This world is full of nooks and voids in the man-made cityscape. They are the blank canvases for a creative mind of parasitic architecture. These pockets of possibilities bring about ingenuity to design thinking and
Housing Lifestyle

This luxurious tiny home is off-grid and rent-free

Aaron Jackson
Dutch design agency Walden Studio teamed up with carpenter Dimka Wentzel to design a tiny home that offers both small-scale luxury and the freedom of the open road. The house is made from bio-based materials,
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Building Earthen Dome Homes in 6 Weeks – DIY

Steve Areen’s Earthen Dome Home What if you could build a beautiful home that worked with nature, was built using nature, became one with it’s surroundings while still containing all of the basic amenities of any other home
Environment Innovation Lifestyle

Why New Tiny Homes Are Better Than Mansions

M Caulfield
As the cost of living continues to increase for many people, an increasing number of couples and individuals are choosing to transition their living space into a more compact area. This is giving rise to

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