The Greatest Tips for Purchasing Can Crushers

The Greatest Tips for Purchasing Can Crushers

Like glass containers, aluminum cans are an item that you should always recycle since they can be recycled continuously. Furthermore, if you deliver them to a recycling site that pays by weight, you may also make some additional money with them. Aluminum cans are simple to recycle owing to their lightweight nature. However, it would be advisable to get the appropriate instrument to smash them because they may take up a lot of room. There are many different can crusher models to choose from on the market. Therefore, it is essential to do an extensive study before buying any certain can crusher. Continue reading to discover important buying tips for the top can crushers that will help you recycle your cans.


It is crucial to consider quality while looking for the best can crushers. For instance, settling for a steel soda can smasher is a good idea since steel is a high-quality and long-lasting material that can withstand repeated usage. On the other hand, a can smasher with a plastic body would eventually break or shatter from using too much power. Steel or metal can smashers often come in various colors, and you can easily attach them to the walls of a shed or garage. Crushing equipment made of steel is also strong and features a handle with a soft foam grip. The fact that it can also break plastic beverage bottles is another excellent feature.


To fulfill their work, all can crushers must be stable. That may be accomplished by either attaching it to the walls or by the device’s weight. Heavy floor versions do not require drilling into your walls, but they have a wider base and demand more space. So consider your space, including the flooring, countertops, and walls, when determining which type to buy.

Multiple Load Products

When selecting a can smasher, it is critical to select one that can smash up to 6 cans at once. When you go to any website to acquire your crushing device, you may discover that the devices are all from the same brand but have distinct functions. As a result, think about which one will best fulfill its objective. Also, choose a model that can smash both small and big cans and bottles. Some products may be operated with one hand and are simple to install and utilize. However, using a multiple-load option will save you time when you have many cans to crush. Most of the time, you’ll be adding up to six soda cans at a time and smashing them all at once, rendering the procedure easier and more efficient. While you may be able to locate less expensive multi-can crushers, you must choose one that can withstand heavy usage.

Drip Guard

Most partygoers do not inspect their cans for drips before discarding them. Some manufacturers add a drip guard on their can crushers, which collects liquid forced from cans. When your event is finished, you just wipe the liquids. This feature can help you avoid sticky floors and smudged hands.


A can smasher is a piece of excellent eco-friendly equipment to have around the house. However, when used wrongly, it will not function efficiently or last as long as intended. As a result, before using your soda can smasher, ensure you understand how to use it properly.

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