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Jumpstart: The Easy Way To Support Clean Energy Projects

If the global temperature continues to rise the world will be a complete disaster. We will begin to see more and more devastating floods and droughts and catastrophic weather resulting in the displacement of tens of millions of people, as well as the permanent destruction of nature. Moreover, millions of people will die from heat exposure, linking to the spread of diseases, malnutrition, and further natural disasters.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Global warming can be maintained. It all depends on us.

“At current rates, the world is expected to hit 1.5°C by 2040. And the odds of keeping global warming to just 2°C are low. 3°C warming is the realistic minimum, and it’s incredibly likely that we’ll hit more than 4°C by 2100. There is “no documented historic precedent” for the actions we must take to prevent this.” – Jumpstart

Global Warming Projections for 2100
Global Warming Projections for 2100 (Source: Climate Action Tracker)

The legacy of our generation is going to depend on how we deal with this situation. Most of us will be alive through all of this. The only way to make a comeback from what we have done is by cutting global emissions of CO2 by 45% by 2030 and make it 0% by 2050. To do this we must increase renewables now from 20% (what it is today) to 85%. This feat is possible, but the world needs to increase investments in clean energy tenfold from $280 billion to $2.4 trillion every year.

This money has to come from somewhere. That somewhere is actually someone(s)… All the individuals of the world collectively joining in to fund this important mission. Seeing that governments and industry are not doing enough, if anything at all, the power to save the world is in our hands.

Now, putting some solar panels on your own roof is great and all but it’s not good enough. The thing is, carbon is a global budget, so we must change every part of the world. In other words, like Jumpstart put it:

“It won’t matter if one corner of the world is 100% clean if the other corner of the world is 100% dirty.”

The problem is that many parts of the world continue industrializing with carbon-intensive technologies because financing isn’t available to these areas to develop solar energy. These are places that have abundant clean energy resources (for example Africa which is the sunniest continent on earth) but are too poor even to have any electricity at all sometimes.

This is why Jumpstart was founded and launched back in October 2018. Aoi Senju, CEO and co-founder of Jumpstart, says he and his team were motivated to create the website because they realized that the world needed more money going into clean energy, and the money needs to go to the right places. They want to make sure that anyone could support clean energy, from anywhere (to anywhere) in the world. They believe that if they give people the ability to act on climate change, the people will rise to the occasion.

Jumpstart is a crowdfunding platform that enables anyone or any company to fund clean energy projects anywhere in the world. The website connects loans to thoroughly-vetted projects that have the highest marginal value. Jumpstart puts the power and the responsibility to save the world in the people’s hands making so it no longer just in the hands of global organizations and governments. Nobody has to wait around anymore in hopes that others will do the right thing. Now the power to change the facts is in the hands of everyday people too.

Jumpstart is helping the Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation achieve energy independence

The website is brand new so at the moment there are four projects running on the site:

  • Building a solar farm in Rwanda
  • Bringing solar energy to an indigenous community in Montana
  • Funding solar lanterns for Rohingya refugees
  • Helping the Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation achieve energy independence.

Another four proposed projects are listed on the site.

If your lucky enough to be one of the people who can contribute to our generation’s legacy being victorious, keep an eye on Jumpstart as it grows and develops. Be sure to check back regularly to find a project you are interested in supporting. Because if you can, you should!

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