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Health Science

Nanotechnology Gives Mice Night Vision, Humans Could Use It And It Could Cure Colorblindness

Andrea D. Steffen
There are many things our simple eyes can not see. The colors most mammals can normally see include only a small percentage of the entire electromagnetic spectrum – the ones equating to wavelengths from 400
Innovation Science

Scientists Develop New Fabric That Automatically Cools Or Insulates

Andrea D. Steffen
The days of having to take your sweater on and off might be over very soon. Sure, there may have already been the occasional promise of high-tech thermal regulating gloves and hats here and there,
Innovation Technology

Indian High School Student Develops Goggles For The Blind To Detect Objects

Prince Tripathi
A high school student at New Galaxy Academy, Arunachal Pradesh, India, Anang Tadar left everyone stunned by his innovative and unique pair of goggles called G4B (Goggle for Blind). The G4B goggles use ultrasonic and infrared

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