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I use the alphabet to paint words that become a beautiful and inspiring image in the reader's mind.
Health Science

Perfect Human Blood Vessels Grown In A Lab For First Time

Andrea D. Steffen
Organoids are three-dimensional, lab-grown cellular systems that mimic the characteristics of organs or tissues. The grown organoids can then be used to study aspects of that organ type in a petri dish. One of the
Environment Sustainability

Ben & Jerry’s Bans Single-Use Plastics Because ‘We Can’t Recycle Our Way Out of This Problem’

Andrea D. Steffen
Ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s announces their plan to prevent 2.5 million plastic straws and 30 million plastic spoons from being handed out each year by quickly halting its use of single-use plastics. The
Environment Innovation Sustainability Technology

This Airplane Will Fly Into The Stratosphere On SunPower Without Using A Drop Of Fossil Fuels

Andrea D. Steffen
SunPower is one of the world’s most innovative and sustainable energy companies, with more than 30 years of proven experience. Their headquarters are in Silicon Valley, California but they have customers across the globe and
Education Science

NASA Scientist Proves That The Speed Of Light Is Torturously Slow With These 3 Animations

Andrea D. Steffen
A scientist at NASA proves that the speed of light is torturously slow through 3 simple animations. His clever physics animations show how long it takes light to travel around the Earth, from Earth to
Innovation Technology

The World’s First Battery-Free Bluetooth Sensor Tag

Andrea D. Steffen
Earlier this month Wiliot, the semiconductor pioneer and innovator, had a successful demonstration of the first-ever sticker-sized Bluetooth sensor tag. The sensor works by incorporating an ARM processor powered solely by scavenging energy from ambient

MIT Finds Way to Turn Water Solid When It Should Be Boiling

Andrea D. Steffen
When water molecules are placed inside tiny carbon nanotubes they can stay frozen even when heated to boiling temperatures. The MIT researchers that discovered this phenomenon hope to use the “ice-filled tubes as wires to
Education Health

The World Health Organization Lists Vaccine Refusal As One Of The Top Ten Greatest Threats To World Health

Andrea D. Steffen
Every year the World Health Organization (WHO) releases an annual roundup of the gravest threats to global health. The 2019 top 10 list includes (for the first time) the growing resistance to vaccination, a threat
Environment Nature

Australia Came Up With A Way To Save The Oceans From Plastic Pollution And Garbage

Andrea D. Steffen
Government authorities from the Australian city of Kwinana have recently installed a new filtration system in the Henley Reserve. This is something that many countries have been attempting to do for years now. The best
Environment Sustainability

Biodiesel Is Destroying The Rainforests More Than We Think

Andrea D. Steffen
BioDiesel is killing the rainforests! More than half of the palm oil imported into Europe goes into diesel fuel, according to Transport and the Environment. A massive 87 percent of the growth in the use
Environment Innovation Nature Sustainability

Bomb Detecting Nanobionic Spinach Plants Are The Ultimate Superfood

Andrea D. Steffen
Not only is spinach a superfood because of its nutritional value, but also because of its ability to detect explosives. Yes, spinach today can tell if there’s a bomb around. MIT engineers have transformed spinach

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