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I use the alphabet to paint words that become a beautiful and inspiring image in the reader's mind.

Scientists Reprogrammed Immune System Cells to Fight Cancer

Andrea D. Steffen
T-cells are the cells responsible for fighting off foreign cells. Without them, humans are vulnerable to disease. The T-cells don’t act alone, however. They rely on immune system sentinels called dendritic cells. These helper cells
Environment Science

Ancient Egyptian Blue Pigment Boosts Energy Efficiency

Andrea D. Steffen
Thousands of years ago, in ancient Egypt, a very special shade of blue was created. The Egyptians had used it in their depictions of God’s and royalty because of its radiance and beauty. Scientists today

Scientists’ Rabbit Illusion Tricks The Brain Into Seeing What Isn’t Really There

Andrea D. Steffen
The human brain has a mind of its own and it has ways of playing tricks on you! Granted, its true intention is to help you clarify situations. When your senses get bombarded with information
Environment Innovation Sustainability

Baking Soda Filled Microcapsules Capture CO2 Emissions Effectively

Andrea D. Steffen
Coal and natural gas are still a major staple in the world’s energy supply. These elements release CO2 into the atmosphere. It is an ongoing battle to find a way to reverse this effect through

Chinese Government Plans Large-Scale Subsidy-Free Wind & Solar

Andrea D. Steffen
China’s solar sector had a tumultuous year in the renewable energy industry. To counter this, the Central Government has laid out plans to drive the development of subsidy-free wind and solar projects across the country
Health Nature

Ancient Irish Healing Soil Kills Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

Andrea D. Steffen
The area of Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, which is known as the Boho Highlands, contains very special ancient soil known for thousands of years to have medicinal benefits. There, one can find alkaline grassland and soil
Environment Health Nature Sustainability

A Vaccine Created From Mushrooms Could Save The Honey Bees

Andrea D. Steffen
Today is not a good time for the honeybees. They have been dying off in vast numbers for several years now. Up to 30-90 percent of the colonies have died off. It’s all over environmental
Health Innovation Technology

Patient Successfully Receives First Ever 3D-Printed Rib Implant

Andrea D. Steffen
Cardiac surgeons at the Tokuda Hospital in Sofia, Bulgaria performed an innovative surgery – they implanted a rib in the human body that was made on a 3DGence 3D printer. This type of surgery is
Environment Health

Trump’s EPA Says Mercury Regulations For Coal Plants Are Not Necessary, Cost Too Much

Andrea D. Steffen
The Trump administration’s EPA is proposing another reversal of an Obama-era standard. The EPA said limiting mercury and other toxic emissions from coal- and oil-fired power plants is not cost-effective, therefore it should not be

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