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I use the alphabet to paint words that become a beautiful and inspiring image in the reader's mind.
Health Innovation Technology

3D Printed ‘Bionic Eye’ Holds Hope For Restoring People’s Vision

Andrea D. Steffen
The first-of-its-kind prototype for a “bionic eye” has been fully 3D printed by researchers at the University of Minnesota. The bionic eye was made by 3D printed an image sensing array of light receptors onto
Environment Innovation

Tesla Model X Converted Into An Ambulance By Emergency Service Giant Falck

Andrea D. Steffen
Emergency service giant Falck, a Denmark-based first responder and ambulance operator, wanted to test if they could make a zero-emission emergency service vehicle. To do this they turned a roomy, fast, and long-range Tesla Model
Environment Sustainability

Clean Energy Startup Turns Poop Into Earth-Friendly Fuel Without Emitting CO2

Andrea D. Steffen
There’s a new solution to saving the planet – poop our way to a better world. Human waste has been turned into fuel by Spanish company, Ingelia. Their sewage-based energy source is called biochar and
Environment Nature

Conservationists Planted A Super-Grove Of Cloned Redwood Trees From Ancient Stumps

Andrea D. Steffen
In Northern California, there are five ancient stumps, remnants of redwoods from a giant sequoia known as General Sherman. These trees were so big, they were larger than the largest tree standing today. One of

Simple Psychological Tricks Boost Confidence Before Exams For Better Grades

Andrea D. Steffen
“Psychological interventions that improve grades could ultimately help keep more low-income students in the sciences,” says Christopher Rozek, a psychologist at Stanford University and lead author of the study, published in the Proceedings of the

New 3-D Printed ‘Sponge’ Soaks Up Excess Chemo Drugs Preventing Harmful Effects

Andrea D. Steffen
Scientists have created a tiny, cylindrical “sponge” with 3D printing technology. This new device could cut down on toxic effects of cancer treatment by bringing the filtering abilities of a fuel cell into the blood
Environment Nature Sustainability

Saltwater Brewery Creates Biodegradable And Edible Six-Pack Rings Safe For Animal Consumption

Andrea D. Steffen
Time and time again it has been proven that plastic six-pack rings have a devastating effect to both wildlife and the environment. Saltwater Brewery, in Delray Beach, Florida, has come up with a very creative
Environment Nature

Norway Is The First Country To Ban Palm Oil Based Biofuel

Andrea D. Steffen
Norway is the first country to enforce a ban on palm oil-based biofuel. The nation’s parliament announced last week that it will no longer be permitted in Norway. The move aims to thwart the destruction
Health Innovation

An Implantable Knee Shock Absorber Has Been Embedded In A Person For The First Time

Andrea D. Steffen
Millions of people suffer daily with the pain and stiffness of osteoarthritis. Current treatments to slow the progression of the disease are limited. Although, that may change very soon. There is a new medical device

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