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This Wind-Powered Vertical Farm Will Produce 2 Million lbs. of Greens Annually

Andrea D. Steffen
Almost 40% of the Earth’s landmass is used for agriculture, and 25% of the world’s productive lands have been degraded. That’s a scary situation already, but conflict and climate change could make it even worse,...
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Eva, The Hydroponic Planter/Aquarium, Takes Care of Itself

Luana Steffen
Gardening is mentally soothing, therapeutic, and environmentally beneficial. However, some of us have busy lives, and we don’t have enough time to invest in gardening, leading to our plants dying. So, how can we have...
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Home Gardening Systems That Will Inspire You To Have More Plants Around

Andrea D. Steffen
Studies have shown that keeping plants around makes people less stressed and more productive while also boosting creativity levels and improving overall health. Depending on your plant choice, they’ll provide you with food and medicine,...
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Urban Horticulture Can Design Our Sustainable Future

Dan Edel
A recent study was conducted in the UK about the hidden potential of urban horticulture and how it could best be implemented into existing landscapes. Researchers from the Institute for Sustainable Food at the University...
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World’s Largest Organic Sewage Management System Without Chemicals

Andrea D. Steffen
The East Kolkata Wetlands in India relies on nothing but nature to process almost 198 million gallons (almost 750 million liters) of wastewater and sewage. This is the amount that is produced on a daily...