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3D Printed ‘Bionic Eye’ Holds Hope For Restoring People’s Vision

Andrea D. Steffen
The first-of-its-kind prototype for a “bionic eye” has been fully 3D printed by researchers at the University of Minnesota. The bionic eye was made by 3D printed an image sensing array of light receptors onto
Health Innovation

Watch A Swarm of Nanobots Swim Through Eye To Deliver Medicine

Andrea D. Steffen
The human eyeballs encompass substances that are difficult to penetrate. These obstacles make successful ocular drug delivery challenging. The current method of topical administration to treat diseases in the anterior of the eye works, but

New Viral Gene-Therapy Breakthrough Improves Eyesight For The Blind

Andrea D. Steffen
Choroideremia is one of the many forms of retinitis pigmentosa (RP). RP is an inherited disorder. It results from harmful changes in any one of the genes that carry the instructions for making proteins that

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