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A Pair Of Proteins Give Mice The Ability To Regenerate Toes Like Lizards Do

Andrea D. Steffen
It is an extremely rare ability for an animal to be able to regrow a lost limb because joints are very complex structures. The reality is, lucky animals such as lizards and salamanders can regrow
Health Innovation Technology

Mind-controlled Mouse Enables People With Paralysis To Use Tablet

Andrea D. Steffen
To be a functional member of society, being able to communicate is very important. If a person can get their message across, whether by speaking or by some other means, it will facilitate their life.
Health Nature

Mice implanted with human brain cells are more intelligent

Aaron Jackson
A team of researchers has managed to introduce a number of human brain cells into mouse brains, making them partly human. The new mice have grown to be more intelligent than their ordinary mice counterparts and

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