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How to Raise Girls with High Self-Esteem and Confidence
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How to Raise Girls with High Self-Esteem and Confidence

Everyone wants their kids to grow up to be confident and self-assured. For daughters, this is especially crucial. Unfortunately, according to the Child Mind Institute, girls are bombarded with messages from early childhood that damage their self-esteem and lead to an unhealthy perspective of their bodies and skills.

However, parents can significantly impact how their daughter feels about herself and her body by guiding her away from bad influences and activities that might dwindle her self-esteem and toward those that can give her the boost she requires. Here are some ways to build your daughter’s confidence allowing her to grow into a strong, self-assured woman.

Teach Her Body Acceptance

Teach your daughter to be body positive: she is beautiful no matter what her body looks like. Unfortunately, today’s media promotes a dangerous obsession with thinness by using digitally altered photos of women to sell an ideal that, realistically, people cannot achieve. According to WebMD specialists, this harms a girl’s self-esteem and can ultimately lead to eating disorders, depression, and suicidal thoughts. This can be prevented by demonstrating body acceptance.

It makes no difference what body type you have as long as you feel good in your own skin. If you’re self-conscious about your appearance, don’t stress over it or dismiss eating as a bad habit. Catherine Steiner-Adair, a clinical psychologist and WebMD health expert, calls this debate of good and bad the “morality of orality.” Therefore, when you are around your daughter, it is vital to refrain from saying, “I was bad today; I had pizza. So, I am not going to have dessert.

How to Raise Girls with High Self-Esteem and Confidence
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Build Her Skills

As a parent, you can help boost your daughter’s confidence and develop new skills by recognizing what captures her interest and helping her master that talent. For example, if she likes to assist in the kitchen, you can encourage her to plan and cook meals for the family or sign her up for an art class if she enjoys drawing. In addition, learning and mastering her passion or hobby will boost her self-esteem. Lastly, don’t forget to compliment her when she does well, not just how beautiful she looks.

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Show Unconditional Love

Make it obvious that you love and accept your daughter without question. Tell her you love her unconditionally, even if – especially if – she makes poor decisions or fails at something she attempts. If people feel secure, they can improve after making mistakes or failing.

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Create Her Style

Allow your daughter to develop her own personal style through what she wears and how she styles her hair, within reason, of course, and this will give her a healthy sense of self. According to mindbodygreen, finding her own identity through appearance helps boost self-esteem and confidence.

How to Raise Girls with High Self-Esteem and Confidence
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Praise Her Efforts

Not only successes should be praised, but also efforts. After all, not everyone is successful all of the time. You may not be accepted to your first-choice university or get a part in the school play, but it’s better to try than not at all. According to WebMD expert Mary Rooney Ph.D., a clinical psychologist specializing in adolescents, learning to tolerate and accept failure promotes resilience.

How to Raise Girls with High Self-Esteem and Confidence
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Enroll Your Daughter in Team Sports Early

When she’s young, sign her up for team sports, such as T-ball or tumbling tots. According to MU Health Care, playing sports has several advantages, including increasing self-esteem, learning collaboration, problem-solving abilities, and promoting leadership. This is especially crucial for girls, as these characteristics can help them resist peer pressure and develop into strong women.

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Teach Her How to be Assertive

All girls have the right to control and influence their own lives. Teaching your daughter to be assertive and not a people pleaser will help her blossom into a stronger and healthier woman. Encourage her to express her thoughts and values and to defend herself. This will allow her to grow into a confident, self-assured woman.

How to Raise Girls with High Self-Esteem and Confidence
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