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Australia Came Up With A Way To Save The Oceans From Plastic Pollution And Garbage

Andrea D. Steffen
Government authorities from the Australian city of Kwinana have recently installed a new filtration system in the Henley Reserve. This is something that many countries have been attempting to do for years now. The best
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Saltwater Brewery Creates Biodegradable And Edible Six-Pack Rings Safe For Animal Consumption

Andrea D. Steffen
Time and time again it has been proven that plastic six-pack rings have a devastating effect to both wildlife and the environment. Saltwater Brewery, in Delray Beach, Florida, has come up with a very creative

A Bill To Ban Whale And Dolphin Captivity Passes the Senate In Canada

Andrea D. Steffen
Cetaceans in the wild are good for the environment of the Earth. When they dive and come back up they bring with them nutrients from the depths. This allows for plant plankton to thrive on

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