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This Solar-Powered Car Breaks World Record Crossing Australia In Under 1 Week

Andrea D. Steffen
There is a bright future for cars thanks to advancements in the solar-powered vehicle industry constantly developing. Of course, all of that wouldn’t even be possible without the tremendous advancements in photovoltaic technology, which have
Innovation Technology

Vantablack: The Darkest Black, Like Staring Into A Black Hole

Katharine J. Tobal
Just when you thought black couldn’t get any darker, British engineering from Surrey NanoSystems have declared the latest (and blackest) version of what’s described as the “world’s darkest material,” which is called Vantablack. Created through a
Environment Innovation Sustainability Technology

Supercritical Solar Breakthrough Sets A Clean Energy World Record

Aaron Jackson
CSIRO has used solar energy to generate hot pressurised “supercritical” steam, at the highest temperatures ever achieved in the world outside of fossil fuel sources. Supercritical steam is a breakthrough for solar energy, and means that

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