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Plastic filtration system in Australia
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Australia Came Up With A Way To Save The Oceans From Plastic Pollution And Garbage

Government authorities from the Australian city of Kwinana have recently installed a new filtration system in the Henley Reserve. This is something that many countries have been attempting to do for years now. The best part is, this system is unbelievably simple, effective, and helpful. In just a short while, the citizens and officials have seen the benefits of using it. Everyone is quite pleased with the outcome. It is truly helping to prevent plastic from polluting our oceans.

Plastic filtration system in Australia
The system consists of a net that is placed on the outlet of a drainage pipe. This net then catches all the large debris and protect the environment from contamination of garbage. When the net gets full, they simply pick it up, and empty it into special trucks. The trucks deliver the garbage to a sorting center where it is then separated into items that can be recycled, and items that cannot.

Plastic filtration system being emptied
This new filtration system managed to catch more than 800 pounds of garbage within a few weeks! The city authorities had first installed just 2 nets. But then, they were so amazed by these phenomenal results that they had more of these litter “traps” installed everywhere they could. Now they are all over the city minimizing the pollution to the wildlife and surrounding environment by truck-fulls.

Several plastic filtration bags in use
Those first two pipes that they put the experimental nets on are pipes that drain water from the residential areas of town into the natural areas of wildlife. A lot of the garbage from the residential areas was getting washed away by heavy rain and pulled down into the drainage systems. They realized that, more often than not, the trash and litter from these places was coming in extremely large quantities. It was very harmful to the environment and something had to be done about it.

Plastic filtration system in Australia
Even though the installation and the manufacture of these nets cost quite a bit of money (about $10,000 each), the overall system is still fairly profitable. In the long run, they provide a significant amount of cost savings. For example, the government now saves on the labor costs that they previously had to pay for people who would collect all the litter manually. And besides that, the results are such a benefit to the wellness of the environment that it is totally worth it.

Plastic filtration system full of garbage
This system shows how a simple idea can have a profound influence. It proves that small changes can have huge impacts. Maybe these nets will begin to appear all around the world and help curb the planets ocean pollution crisis!

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