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Special Nanoparticles Awaken Immune Cells To Fight Cancer

Andrea D. Steffen
The search for drugs that spur the immune system to fight tumors has led scientists to experiment with tiny nanoparticles. These microscopic miracles, smaller than the width of a human hair, might help the body’s
Environment Sustainability

Climate Rewind: Scientists Cheaply Turn Atmospheric CO2 Back Into Coal

Andrea D. Steffen
Scientists may have found a key technique for reducing the amount of that dangerous greenhouse gas – CO2 – in our atmosphere. This new carbon-capture technology converts atmospheric carbon dioxide (gas) into solid particles of
Health Nature Science

A Pair Of Proteins Give Mice The Ability To Regenerate Toes Like Lizards Do

Andrea D. Steffen
It is an extremely rare ability for an animal to be able to regrow a lost limb because joints are very complex structures. The reality is, lucky animals such as lizards and salamanders can regrow

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