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You Can Now Order Your Own Hoverbike, No Pilots License Required

Everybody dreams of being able to fly. The freedom to personally do so is in our grasp. Fresh to hit the consumer market is the new Hoversurf S3; and with its debut, the era of the hoverbike has begun! Thanks to these personal drones, it is now available and very convenient to fly.

The mission of the Hoversurf company is the ability of flight for everyone – now. To have the freedom of movement without traffic jams and traffic lights. In their statement they say, “Just imagine: flying cars will carry people in the nearest future. The entire development path of our project is the proof of one truth: the most valuable thing in a person’s life is time. People are always in a hurry. They are ready to use any means to be in time. The rhythm of life is accelerating day by day, and the existing infrastructure cannot cope with traffic flows. We give people the opportunity to overcome obstacles on their way and quickly move around in space, solving the problems of traffic and environmental pollution.”

Hoverbike on the ground showing colored lights

The body of the vehicle is a monocoque frame created using different types of carbon fiber technology. This material (and the fact that it is a single element) is ultra lightweight (114 kg/253 pounds), weighing much less than the previous version made of aluminum. The dimensions of the hoverbike allow it to be rolled in a standard doorway as well as have the ability to take-off and land from an ordinary parking space.

Hoverbike on the ground

This craft is designated to skim over the landscape at a regulated (according to the requirements of the law) height of up to 16ft/5m and a speed of up to 60mph/52knots/96kmh. It is powered by lithium-manganese-nickel batteries that allow for airborne jaunts of up to 25 minutes. No pilots licence is required to fly this craft since its low weight and speed exempt it from FAA regulations.

Hoverbike controls

Hoversurf’s chief operating officer, Joseph Segura-Conn, said “the vehicle has numerous safety features, including a computer-controlled system for stabilizing the craft and laser scanners for detecting and avoiding obstacles. To help ensure the safety of the rider and of anyone who might get in the way, the company plans to offer extensive training to customers — and future models will be carried aloft not by propellers but by enclosed fans.”

According to Segura-Conn, one of the few people who has had the opportunity to fly it: “It looks frightening at the beginning, and you’re unsure, but as soon as you get up in the air, there’s no experience like it.”

For now, hoverbikes are likely to be a niche product because of how expensive they are. The cost of a Hoversurf S3 is $150,000. And while there are other companies developing hoverbikes or similar piloted drones out there, none have released one to the public as Hoversurf has. Their first deliveries will arrive around May or June 2019. You can order one from their website today.

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