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Seals Have Taken Over A California Beach During The Government Shutdown And They Won’t Give It Back

Andrea D. Steffen
Charles Scammon, a whale and seal hunter sailing along the Pacific coast in the 1800s, reported seeing northern elephant seals all the way up the coast from Baja California in Mexico, to Point Reyes in
Environment Sustainability

Puerto Rico Converting To 100% Renewable Energy

Andrea D. Steffen
Something good came out of Hurricane Maria striking Puerto Rico. It inspired the government to take action about converting to renewable energy. Even before the storm, there was debate about switching to renewables since the
Environment Sustainability Technology

Startup Uses Particle Acceleration to Make Solar Panels Cheaper

Joseph Kennedy
A US startup backed by Bill Nye has promised to make solar panels 60% cheaper to manufacturers by using particle acceleration to slice microscopically thin silicon wafers. As well as this, their methods appear to

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