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MIT Finds Way to Turn Water Solid When It Should Be Boiling

Andrea D. Steffen
When water molecules are placed inside tiny carbon nanotubes they can stay frozen even when heated to boiling temperatures. The MIT researchers that discovered this phenomenon hope to use the “ice-filled tubes as wires to
Environment Innovation Nature Sustainability

Bomb Detecting Nanobionic Spinach Plants Are The Ultimate Superfood

Andrea D. Steffen
Not only is spinach a superfood because of its nutritional value, but also because of its ability to detect explosives. Yes, spinach today can tell if there’s a bomb around. MIT engineers have transformed spinach
Innovation Technology

MIT Scientists Work Out How To Shrink Objects 1,000 Times Smaller

Andrea D. Steffen
A few years ago scientists came up with a technique known as expansion microscopy. It involves embedding tissue into a hydrogel and then expanding it to allow for high-resolution imaging with a regular microscope. They

MIT Researchers Create New Flexible Electronics Mass Manufacturing Technique

Andrea D. Steffen
Ultra-thin semiconducting films have been fabricated using exotic materials rather than silicone by MIT engineers for the manufacture of flexible electronics. They find that flexible electronics made from gallium nitride, gallium arsenide, and lithium fluoride

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