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5 Ways to Shake Up Your Dog Walking Routine
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5 Ways to Shake Up Your Dog Walking Routine

If you or your pup are starting to get bored of your regular walking routine, it may be a good idea to change up a few things. Especially if you have some time to spare, this might be a great way to improve the relationship you have with your furry friend, as well as make it easier to encourage your dog to listen to your lead.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is making sure your pet is getting the necessary exercise to stay happy and healthy. So what alternatives are there for you to try? If you need a few tips, allow me to elaborate on some options you might want to try.

Go on Puppy Play Dates

If you have any other friends with dogs, entertain the idea of going on walks together every once in a while. Or, if you or your friend have a busy schedule, you might be able to take turns walking each other’s furry friends for each other. Adding a friend to the rotation will certainly make the walk more exciting, even if you’re on the same old route you always take.

You might want to keep in mind that twice the dogs does mean twice the poop. Consider getting some more dog poop bags or even getting dog poop bags from your friend. By having enough dog poop bags with you while you’re walking, you’ll ensure that you’re being a considerate neighbor and keeping the area clean.

However, it’s a good idea to make sure your pets will get along with each other first, so try to go on the first few walks while keeping in mind you might need to separate if things begin to escalate. Some dogs are just too skittish to spend time with others, and it might be necessary to revisit walking with other pups at another time.

Head to the Dog Park

Your dog might also have some fun if you allow them to go to the dog park every once in a while. This might allow them to make some friends or even just run around chasing balls if that’s all they want to do. You might also have an excellent opportunity to play with your puppy if you decide to go to the neighborhood dog park.

Be sure to keep in mind that you also have dog poop bags if you’re going to the park, as your furry friend will still likely need to use the restroom. If you forget once or twice, try asking other dog owners if they have any extra dog poop bags and promise to return the favor if the need ever arises.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that you can get bored of anything if you do it too often. Be sure to incorporate going to the dog park into your routine, as well as the route you usually take. This will help to keep things interesting, keep your dog excited, and allow your furry friend to get the necessary exercise.

Change Up Your Regular Route

If you typically go on the same walk every day, you may want to switch up the routes you decide to take. This might allow you to explore more of your neighborhood, meet other neighbors and dogs, and spice up the walking regimen.

You also don’t have to limit yourself to two entirely separate walks if you don’t want to. It might also be in your wheelhouse to vary the length of the walks, especially if you have the ability to be flexible with your time. Maybe you’ll see the neighborhood at different times during the day, or maybe your pup will feel especially tired afterward and give you some alone time at home.

Go on a Hike

If you’d like to make your pup feel extra special, try going on a hike together. Generally, these ventures will take more energy and time, but it can feel exciting and stimulating to change up the routine in this way. Not only are you changing up the regimen, but you’re also getting out of your neighborhood and the scenery you already recognize.

Going on a hike allows your dog to test out climbing abilities and social skills, as well as truly get the workout they’ve been craving. And if you have a particular penchant for exercise, you’ll probably love going on a hike as well. This might mean climbing some nearby hills, going to a marked trail, or heading out to the woods. Regardless of where your adventures lead, be sure to take your pup!

Let Your Dog Lead the Way

While this is not an orthodox way of taking your dog on a walk, this may allow them to explore and exercise to their heart’s content. Your furry friend may be a little confused at first, but they’ll also be glad to lead you on the walk for a change.

However, this is only really recommendable to those with dogs who are willing to follow your lead in the case of an emergency. Additionally, you may only want to try this in a new location, as your dog just might try and take their usual route by force of habit.

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