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Scientists Reprogrammed Immune System Cells to Fight Cancer

Andrea D. Steffen
T-cells are the cells responsible for fighting off foreign cells. Without them, humans are vulnerable to disease. The T-cells don’t act alone, however. They rely on immune system sentinels called dendritic cells. These helper cells
Health Innovation

Biologists Engineer An Eavesdropping Virus Into A Bacterial Assassin

Andrea D. Steffen
“When bacteria talk, Bonnie Bassler listens. She just never figured that viruses were listening, too.” – The Atlantic A phage is a type of virus that preys on and attacks bacteria. A team of scientists
Innovation Technology

FlexPai: World’s First Foldable Smartphone and Tablet In One

Andrea D. Steffen
FlexPai is the next biggest trend in smartphone and tablet design and technology. This device is the world’s first foldable tablet/smartphone to hit the market. It is brought to you by The Royole Corporation (also
Health Nature

Mice implanted with human brain cells are more intelligent

Aaron Jackson
A team of researchers has managed to introduce a number of human brain cells into mouse brains, making them partly human. The new mice have grown to be more intelligent than their ordinary mice counterparts and
Innovation Lifestyle Technology

pCell – New Wireless Technology 1000 Times Faster Than 4G

Aaron Jackson
Steve Perlman, CEO of Artemis Networks, claims that his pCell wireless technology can consistently deliver a top speed data rate to every mobile device simultaneously, regardless of how many users are sharing the same spectrum

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