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NASA Scientist Proves That The Speed Of Light Is Torturously Slow With These 3 Animations

Andrea D. Steffen
A scientist at NASA proves that the speed of light is torturously slow through 3 simple animations. His clever physics animations show how long it takes light to travel around the Earth, from Earth to
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This Billionaire Is Donating One Billion Dollars To Save The Planet

Andrea D. Steffen
Billionaire Hansjörg Wyss wants to save the planet! As part of his strategy to achieve this, he is donating 1 billion dollars over the next decade to help the cause. This money will serve to
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Building Earthen Dome Homes in 6 Weeks – DIY

Steve Areen’s Earthen Dome Home What if you could build a beautiful home that worked with nature, was built using nature, became one with it’s surroundings while still containing all of the basic amenities of any other home

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