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Goodyear Unveils Flying Car Tire Concept: They Work As Wheels And As Propellers

Andrea D. Steffen
The Goodyear facility in Luxembourg has designed the most futuristic tire yet. It is just a concept and doesn’t actually exist for now, but the company presented the idea recently at the Geneva Motor Show
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Bionic Mushrooms: A New Sustainable Energy Source

Andrea D. Steffen
There is a growing importance in the need to find economically viable alternative energy sources to fossil fuels. Biofuel derived from biomass (which is any organic material coming from any form of life or its

Sci-Fi Reality: 12 Futuristic Screen Displays

The creation of screened images can be traced back to the late 19th century with major innovations making the invention of television global in the early 20th century. Today screens are everywhere, modern society uses

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