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California Passes Law Requiring New City Buses To Be Electric By 2029

Andrea D. Steffen
In California, mass transit agencies will only be allowed to buy buses that are fully electric starting in 2029 and will require all buses to be emission-free by 2040. This is a regulation by law. The
Health Nature

First Human-Chicken hybrid created by scientists, this is why

Aaron Jackson
Scientists have created a human-chicken hybrid in a lab by transplanting human embryonic cells onto chicken embryos. The researchers at the Rockefeller University in New York City have created the hybrid to give insight into
Health Innovation Nature

Scientists inject human stem cells into sheep embryo to create human-sheep hybrid for organ harvesting

Aaron Jackson
Scientists have fine-tuned the technique to grow human organs within animals, this time using sheep instead of pigs. Following the work with pigs last year that resulted in pigs with 0.001% human cells. This year
Health Innovation Nature

Scientists inject human cells into pig embryo to create human-pig hybrid

Aaron Jackson
Scientists injected slightly developed stem cells into a pig embryo in hopes of creating a human-pig hybrid, a chimera. Every 10 minutes another person is added to the national waiting list for organ transplants in
Innovation Nature Technology

Scientists 3D print biohybrid animal with rat heart cells, gold and rubber

Aaron Jackson
Scientists genetically engineered and 3D printed a biohybrid using rat heart cells, gold and rubber, opening the door to lifelike robots, artificial intelligence, and cyborgs. The biohybrid could be mistaken for a baby ray. The

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